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1980-1988, we established Yung-Chuan hardware and Tools Company, specializing in Hand Tools and parts assembly processing. A few years later, our company was renamed to"Wu-Ta Industrial Co., Ltd.".During this period, we purchased the first conveyor belt for the packaging line, the vacuum machine, and the shrinking machine, etc. It converted from OEM to research and development.
1986-1990,the first Hand Tools:the Pellet Screwdriver, after that,#240、#300、#440 Automatic Screwdriver, etc. During the production, we insist on "Excellent Quality", we obtained the customer's confidence and support.
1992-2000, we researched and developed the Quick Detachable Screwdriver and the Pistol Type of Ratchet Screwdriver. From The first generation of The Pistol Type of Ratchet screwdriver extends to the Sixth generation, each type was registered for domestic and international patent. During this period, we purchased the second conveyor belt for packaging line, the L-type sealing machine, and shrinking machine, etc.
2002-2010,on going research and development of catena lightweight and high-torque of multiples、24T、48T Ratchet Screwdriver. In the product design, we increase ability of45° and 90° angle. At this period, we also developed the catena of the transparent handle、60°handle、two–color handle, etc.With the progress of the times, we also purchased the high-frequency sealing machine; it makes our products more diversified.
2012-2013, we have the new one- the catena of Slide-style Ratchet Screwdriver; the most special ability is for our products more dexterous to use.
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